White Rock Parks to Explore

White Rock is known for picturesque ocean views, seaside fish and chips, and the longest pier in Canada, but what you may not know is that there is an abundance of beautiful parks located right in the city. So today, we are going to jump into some of the best parks in White Rock. 


Bryant Park: Tucked in between apartment complexes lies this park of sturdy pine trees, wooden benches and a small path guiding you from one end of the park to the other. Not far from the main center of Uptown White Rock, distant traffic and buildings peeking through trees remind you that the city is not far away. This makes for a great city escape when you are looking for a quick dose of nature and an easy 5–10-minute walk. It’s also just as simple to grab a cup of coffee from a cafe in the Uptown to enjoy with your short walk.


Centennial Park: This large park has many areas to explore for those who want to spend more time outside. From trails to children’s playgrounds, you could spend the whole day in this park and not be bored.


Centennial Community Garden: First in this area is the community garden, a small but flourishing space filled with many plants from hearty vegetables to beaming sunflowers. Decorated with pin wheels and statues, there is no shortage of things to look at or smell. This garden offers a wonderful sense of community as it was put together by the help of volunteers.


Ruth Johnston Park: In behind Centennial Park is the entrance to this beautiful trail that leads to ocean views. With many different trails to follow you can get lost in this evergreen paradise that feels far away from the sea when you are inside the forest. Big pine trees tower over you and you can hear the sounds of birds chirping and leaves rustling. A beautiful forest getaway, there are many winding stairs and benches to take breaks at.


Generations Playground at Centennial Park: This playground is just as it sounds, meant for any generation. As an all ages, all abilities playground, this place features more than just your typical slide and swings, but hosts an array of play structures that are fun and encourage activity. Generations Playground is also divided up into sections that are best suited to their respective age groups. For younger children, there is an area with sturdy swings to get buckled into, and for larger kids, there are advanced structures like walls meant for climbing and monkey bars for hanging. Their equipment is inclusive, such as a wheelchair-accessible zipline, as well as exercise equipment that is big enough for adults. 


Terry Parr Plaza: combining elements of a park and those of a beautiful art installation, Terry Parr Plaza features plenty of seating and a flight of multi-colored, mosaic-tiled stairs ascending a signature steep hill in White Rock. This spot is nestled in East Beach around plenty of restaurants and cafes. Terry Parr Plaza also has a little free library courtesy of Semiahmoo Rotary Club where you can borrow, swap, and keep books. It’s a perfect spot to grab a book, climb to a nice seating area, and read while you listen to the sound of distant waves and traffic.


Memorial Park: Located across from the sensational views of White Rocks oceanfront, this park has benches and a grassy area to lay blankets down and enjoy the view. With plenty of restaurants steps away from this park, it’s a great opportunity to get some take out and have a picnic. A quintessential White Rock spot, it’s perfect for bringing friends and family who are from out of town.


Dr R J Allan Hogg Rotary Park: Another addition to the parks located in residential areas this place is tucked in between quiet housing complexes under shady trees. It has a steep hill that leads to parks benches and picnic tables, and offers less noise and bustling action to some of the other parks. Outside of Uptown and just further down from the library, this place has more space to roam and areas to sit and enjoy.

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