Ice Cream on East Beach!

There is just something about the beach and ice cream that pairs so perfectly together. So it’s no surprise that White Rock has its fair share of amazing ice cream places all over, including in East Beach. Although it’s perhaps more laid back than West Beach, away from the action around the pier, East Beach still offers the same seaside atmosphere in a more relaxed style, meaning fewer lines and more ice cream to choose from. 

Here are some of our favourite ice cream shops in East Beach:

50 Flavours Ice Cream: You may have guessed from the name but this ice cream shop at Sandcastle Sea Shoppe has over 50 flavours to choose from. There is an array of choices available in gelato and regular ice cream, making it extremely difficult to choose just one. As you walk in you are welcomed into a fun and colourful atmosphere, the kind that is adored by children. They even have a “kid zone” that offers their fun, kid friendly flavours, such as cotton candy and bubble gum. 

The thing that makes this place stand out is the variety of cones they offer, some are dipped in chocolates and peppered with different toppings such as skor bites, coconut and rainbow sprinkles. They are also home to the “twin cone”, which holds two scoops of ice cream side by side. This is definitely the place to come if you have children but still want to indulge in flavours more suited for a parent’s palate. 

Location: 15519 Marine Dr, White Rock

Heaven’s Angels Gift & Gelato Shop: This family run business has been open since 2006, and you may not think it’s an ice cream place upon entry into their shop. A vibrant atmosphere that is decked out in beachy gift items such as jewelry, handmade soaps and lots of seashells, you can get some fun shopping done and some homemade gelato as well, which is creamy and decadent. With a constant change up of flavours to choose from you’ll never run out of options whenever you go in.  

Location: 15555 Marine Dr, White Rock

Leieve Tea: This aesthetic shop is located at the East end of East Beach. Its clean, white walls are embellished with cute animated drawings and green plants. They offer a variety of Asian fusion desserts other than ice cream for those eager to indulge in a variety of unique flavours. These include multiple bubble teas, cheese foam drinks, lemonades and much more. Their ice cream only came in a small selection of flavours but were just as incredible as the shops that exclusively sold ice cream. This is definitely the place to come if you’re with a group that can’t decide between ice cream or something else for dessert.

Location: 1-15581 Marine Dr, White Rock

Famous ROME Ice Cream: A cute little shop tucked away on East Beach; this place is a hidden gem that can be hard to spot amongst the other restaurants/ stores. Keep your eyes peeled for it as you are in for a treat. They serve a variety of different frozen desserts including sorbet, gelato and ice cream in a wapping 45 delectable flavours making it hard to choose just one! You’ll want to get them all and after taking a bite of icy goodness, you may just stop for seconds! This place stood out for its lovely staff, who were as sweet as the ice cream.

Location: 15543 Marine Dr, White Rock

Aloha Beach Picnic: Another addition to the list of places that serves more than just ice cream, this place was charming with a white and driftwood aesthetic and full of options to choose from. Not only a choice between soft serve and regular ice cream, this place also offers poke, shave ice, mini donuts and much more. A cute little takeaway window and plenty of outdoor seating you can also take your ice cream and head straight to the beach, as they are right across from an access point. This was the most unique take on “ice cream in a cone,” as they placed small scoops of chocolate and vanilla ice cream in a takeaway bowl, then stuck the cone in. 

Location: 15529 Marine Dr, White Rock

Perfect for a hot summer day, White Rock has plenty of ice cream shops to choose from. Let us know your favourite White Rock ice cream shop on our Facebook and Instagram!