How the White Rock BIA Supports White Rock Businesses

Do you own a business in a commercial space in one of our four districts (Uptown, Five Corners, East Beach, or West Beach)?  Then we’re here to help you!

The White Rock Business Improvement Association has a municipal mandate to undertake projects and initiatives to encourage commerce in our community.

Given White Rock’s tourism-based economy and the size of our population, we primarily do this through marketing and events to bring people into our community and shop at our businesses.  However, we also offer a number of other direct services to our members- at no charge to you:

                    • Advocacy: Are you dealing with a regulatory problem and don’t know who you need to speak to?  Facing a bylaw or other issue that’s a roadblock for your business?  Let us help you connect you to the decision-makers and advocate on your behalf.  Contact Us and we will work together to try to address your concerns.
                    • Employment Postings: Are you looking to hire staff?  We’re happy to post your job openings!  Visit our Employment Opportunities page for more details.
                    • Graffiti Removal: Do you have graffiti on your property?  Contact Us and we will have our contractors remove it from your building!
                    • Market Data & Business Resources: We have extensive market data and a growing list of business resources.  Check our our Economic Development page for more details!
                    • Members’ e-Newsletter: We offer a twice-monthly e-newsletter filled with important information for you and your business.  If you aren’t receiving it, please Contact Us and we will make sure you’re on the list.
                    • Promotional/Marketing Support: Do you have a new product or service?  Are you just looking to expand your potential customer base?  Either way, we’re happy to use our digital channels- including our Facebook, Instagram, Website, and e-Newsletter- to promote your business.  Please Contact Us and we’ll work together on advertising that suits your needs.

Again, all of those programs come at no cost to you.  

We’re here to support you and your business- please reach out and let us know how we can help.