Halloween in White Rock!

Autumn has quickly made its presence known in White Rock. From the trees changing into beautiful shades of gold and red, to a coolness in the air, it is officially time to bundle up and get excited for the holiday season. Halloween is fast approaching and while we might think of White Rock more in connection with beaches than with pumpkin patches, we still know how to celebrate the holiday in style with some great stores to help. Here are a few of our favourite tricks for how to prepare and get excited for Halloween in White Rock. 

Salvation Army: Still scrambling to find a costume? Some of the best places to check out are thrift stores, and there are a ton located all over White Rock including Salvation Army. Not only do they carry gently used Halloween costumes for a fraction of the original price, you can also get creative and scour the racks for your own original costume. Whether you do something simple like a cowboy or something more unique, this is a cheap and eco-friendly way to let out your spirit of Halloween. 

Location: 1327 Johnston Rd, White Rock 

Grey Haven Hobbies: Just like Halloween, Grey Haven Hobbies help you to escape to new worlds and be someone else for the day. Through their games and comic books that focus on popular universes such as Dungeons and Dragons or Marvel, make believe doesn’t have to be just one day. Grey Haven Hobbies also hosts special gaming nights where you can play your favourite games and explore new worlds in a pandemic-safe way. 

Location: 1289A Johnston Road, White Rock

Ricardo’s Kandy Korner: There is just something about Halloween that makes it a great holiday; maybe it’s the dressing up, or the carving pumpkins, but I think it’s the abundance of sweet treats. There was nothing like dumping a big pile of them onto the floor after a night of trick-or-treating as a kid, from sugar-crusted gummies, to gooey caramels, and chocolate-covered candy bars. But unless you have children, this usually stops happening around 12. So, relive all your sweet treat desires at Riccardo’s Kandy Korner. 

Not only do they have the candies we remember as kids, but they have them in unique and limited-edition versions. Think of Dunkaroo frosting in a can, to a shelf of unique Jelly Bellies, to Kit Kats in flavours you didn’t know existed. This place will not disappoint the inner child in you, especially this close to Halloween. 

Location: 14909 Marine Dr, White Rock

The White Coffee & Ice Cream: This last addition is for the parents on Halloween night. While trick- or-treating is a fun evening activity, it can also get cold, damp, and tiring, especially if you’re doing Halloween right and lugging around big pillowcases worth of candy. Well, The White Coffee and Ice Cream is the coffee shop in White Rock that stays open the latest, closing for the evening at 10 pm, so you can be sure that no matter how late you take the kids out, you can also make a pit stop there for some caffeine fuel!

Location: 14909 Marine Dr, White Rock

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