2021 Annual Report

The White Rock BIA is pleased to share our 2021 Annual Report, covering the Fiscal Year of April 1 2020 to March 31 2021. In this report, we have included our most important activities and promotions, highlighted some of our successes, and analysed ways that we can continue to adapt to the unexpected changes brought about the pandemic – and to help our members do the same.

When we planned our 2020-2021 year, we were looking forward to building on our programs’ successes: successfully advocating for our members’ businesses, attracting bigger audiences for our events, continuing to build our very successful digital marketing platforms, and strategically beautifying White Rock’s business districts.  

Then the COVID-19 global pandemic hit.

COVID-19 required us to shift our programming to better serve our members at a time when crowds weren’t allowed, liaison with all levels of government to ensure that their needs were heard, and also continue to prepare our programming for when the world re-opened. 

This annual report highlights the challenges we faced, the support we were able to provide, and the successes we had as an organization.  It shows the pivot our programming had to take during COVID-19, and is a good reminder that we’re more than an events producer. 

While COVID-19 was and continues to be an extraordinary challenge that threatens business viability and community well-being, we are in awe of the resilience shown by White Rock businesses.   While the rate of business closures across British Columbia doubled because of the pandemic, White Rock saw only seven businesses permanently close (out of over 350)- and saw several new businesses open in their place. 

This is a testament to the hard work and underappreciated genius of White Rock’s small business owners.  We’re thrilled to continue to serve you, and look forward to the quickly-approaching day when we can welcome the world back to our community.

Please download your copy via this link to see what our team was able to achieve in this very challenging and unpredictable year.