White Rock Scoops!

Whether it’s a hot summer day or a chilly winter evening in White Rock, a delicious scoop of ice cream (or two) is a fantastic treat to brighten any day. White Rock is home to numerous ice cream shops with unique flavors that will elevate your favourite frozen creation.

Whatever icy dessert you’re craving- gelato, frozen yogurt, soft serve, or traditional ice cream- you will find it in White Rock! Here is a compilation of the places to get your White Rock scoops:

Aloha Beach Picnic (East Beach)

A shop that serves a variety of yummy food to nourish the body and soul, Aloha Beach Picnic has gluten-free, organic, and vegan options, all made with love, such as coffee, poke, soft ice cream, and shave ice. Since opening in January 2020, the shop has been well-loved by the local community for its accessible location and delicious food.

Sandcastle Sea Shoppe & Ice Cream Parlour (East Beach)

Not to make it more difficult for you, but Sandcastle Sea Shoppe carries the largest selection of ice cream in the city: fifty flavours at all times, and up to seventy during peak summer seasons. Choose between gelato, milkshakes, ice cream, frozen yogurt, or even smoothies; they’ve got it all! The sun is shining; the tide is out; what you are missing is a delicious frozen treat! Enhance your ice cream experience with one of the homemade waffle cones, with added flavors such as Skor, rainbow sprinkles, white chocolate and coconut, and many more.

Famous Rome Ice Cream (East Beach)

There is no better combination than a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a choice between gelato, sorbetto, and ice cream. Grab a cone to go for your stroll down Marine Drive. Start on East Beach and head West!

Heaven’s Angels Ice Cream (East Beach)

Need to step away from the status quo and embrace some crazy fun flavours such as Black Forest, Salted Butter Caramel, or Tropical Sunlight? Well, Heaven’s Angels is your place to go. The jewel of a shop on East Beach also sells gifts from around the world. It is an eye-catching shop on East Beach that you will not want to miss!

Cones Old-Fashioned Ice Cream (West Beach)

The ice cream is undoubtedly tasty, but so is the cone (it is literally in the shop’s name)! The shop offers ice cream, homemade waffle cones, iced lemonade, and so much more! Drift in on the wafting allure of the handmade cones and leave with a scoop of light, refreshing, and delicious ice cream from a wide selection of flavours!

Crazy Cows Ice Cream (West Beach)

Crazy Cows Ice Cream serves up premium gelato, ice cream, espresso drinks, and freshly baked cookies and pies made with fresh, natural, and local ingredients on premises daily. If you want to custom flavour, you can even call ahead of time to put in a request. From tropical delights to creamy goodness, Crazy Cows has it all!

Seaside Scoops (West Beach)

Seaside Scoops offers an excellent place for your vibrant ice-cream-in-hand fun photoshoot; it also caters to your 50’s nostalgia with old fashioned milkshakes, ice cream, slushies, and carnival and fairs go-to eats like cotton candy. Relax at its window-front seating and indulge in the turquoise and magenta ambiance on any occasion!

The White Coffee and Ice Cream (West Beach)

The White’s convenient locations and delicious flavours make it a local favourite spot for all your sweet treats. With indoor and outdoor seating and an additional selection of face-size cookies and other baked goods, the shop doubles as a coffee shop with warm drinks on the chillier nights. Be careful, the portions are enormous (again, the giant cookies)!

Whitby’s Coffee Shop (West Beach)

Whitby’s is not just a coffee shop! Visit for an extensive list of fantastic flavours, and as the name suggests, some warm beverages. If you want more than coffee and ice cream, there are bagels, cinnamons, and other freshly baked goods for your cravings.

Where’s your favorite location to get your White Rock Scoop? Let us know!