Instagrammable White Rock

White Rock is filled with picturesque views, from the tranquil ocean to charming storefronts, creating plenty of opportunities to take pictures worthy to go up on your Instagram. Whether you are exploring the city for the day, or have been a local for years, here is our list of some of the most Instagrammable spots in White Rock. 


The Pier: Located at the heart of our waterfront, the pier is at the top of our Instagram-worthy list for a reason. The pier is unique to White Rock- it’s Canada’s longest pier- and is a must-see destination.


It is quite beautiful especially on a warm, summery day, complete with clear skies, rippling waves, and views of Mount Baker. The pier shines against this backdrop with its sun-soaked wood, rustic character, and black lantern posts guiding its walkers all the way to the end.


Pro tip: Come during the week, or in the morning/ early afternoon for fewer people and more opportunities for great pictures.


Your Favourite Patio: Each patio in White Rock offers a little slice of sunny paradise, whether in the Uptown or along Marine Drive. The salt air and laid-back vibes follow you wherever you go, so best to enjoy that on a patio.


There are plenty of options to fit any cuisine and aesthetic you are looking for, whether you want a farmhouse look equipped with fairy lights or you’re looking for a beachside retreat with ocean views. Chase the aesthetics and views while finding your next favourite restaurant. 


Pro tip: Come during happy hour times to get deals on food and beverages as well as taking advantage of that “golden hour” lighting. 


Trees At 5 Corners: Right in the heart of Uptown White Rock are these mighty and luscious trees, adding shade to the scattered benches and picnic tables underneath. These trees are a good option especially while shopping and if you don’t have enough time to venture closer to the water or if you already have too many beach pictures on your feed. 


Pro Tip: Come at night and see them all lit up with twinkling fairy lights.


Murals: White Rock is filled with amazing public art- and the most Instagram-friendly pieces are the murals. Perfect little backdrops to any photo, there are plenty of murals to choose from with colourful designs, rich storytelling, and unique compositions. Explore our city through its vibrant murals and don’t forget to snap some photos along the way. 


Pro tip: Check out Explore White Rock’s Mural Guide to find addresses and the ones that would go most with your feed.


Anywhere You Can Spot the Beach: Panoramic views of where the sea meets the sky are not hard to find even if you are exploring Uptown. That is thanks to the steep hills in White Rock, which also creates plenty of photo-ops from many different areas. Find a spot in Uptown where you can see the ocean or get up close to the water on Marine Drive’s promenade, which stretches along the beach. 


Pro tip: Partner this up with a patio or on the pier to combine our top locations. 


Grab those cameras and your favourite photographer (professional or not) and come explore the sites of White Rock. Don’t forget to tag us so we can see all your pictures and wonderful adventures!