East Beach Fish and Chips!

White Rock is renowned for great dining- including delicious fish and chips.  What’s a day by the sea without fish and chips?

Today we are going to dive into some of the best fish and chips spots on East Beach. On the more laid-back side of White Rock, East Beach is further down from the bustling action at the pier and is perfect if you are looking for a more relaxed time enjoying the surf.

Here are some of the best fish and chips spots to check out on East Beach: 

Moby Dick: Is easy to find, with its sky-blue building and nautical themed memorabilia inside and out. Moby Dick has been open since 1975, giving plenty of time to perfect their dishes.  They do not disappoint.  

With flaky fish in a batter that was crispy without being greasy, the ratio of batter to fish was perfectly balanced. The fish pairs with fluffy golden brown fries and a tartar sauce that you can’t replicate at home. Each order of fish and chips comes with an additional piece of fish on top of your regular order, making it a great sharing plate for date night on a budget or for a light snack with a group of friends.

Moby Dick is definitely the place to come if you want a good meal with a fun atmosphere.

Location: 15479 Marine Dr, White Rock

Coney Island Seafood: A take away fish and chips joint, this place is conveniently located right across from an East Beach parking lot entrance. Although Coney Island has limited seating, they give out cardboard trays along with your order, making it convenient to eat wherever you like including the beach. Coney Island offers a giant piece of perfectly deep fried, evenly battered fish laid on top of a bed of lightly salted, golden fries that were crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. 

This place is perfect if you are looking for something fast that won’t interfere with your time spent on the beach, because you can just take your dinner back with you. 

Location:15487 Marine Dr, White Rock

Montgomery’s Cottage Lunch: A lovely take away style restaurant, this fish and chips place is tucked beside Terry Parr Plaza which is equipped with plenty of benches, outdoor tables, and lovely trees to shade you from the hot summer weather. It’s a perfect place to cool off, listen to the distant waves and indulge on fish and chips- and Montgomery’s Cottage Lunch does it right!

Their fries were thinner than the normal fish and chips fries, with the skins of the potato still visible they were crunchy, perfectly salted and decadent. The fish was coated evenly with a thinner coat of crunchy flaky batter, where the fish could really be the star of the meal. 

This is definitely a place to try if you’re looking for a quaint detour on a day trip in White Rock. 

Location:15539 Marine Dr, White Rock

Fishboat: This bright blue seaside shack has a takeaway style fish and chips with the option to dine in on their patio. Their fish was flaky with an even coating of deep fried, crispy batter, the fries were rustic with some of the skin still attached and coated in a light dusting of salt. This place also gave all the additions you may want with your fish and chips without having to ask, including mayo, ketchup, a side of tangy coleslaw and a hearty lemon wedge to add a bit of zest to your fish.

The best part was the atmosphere, the restaurant is a new addition to the collection of places on one-way Marine Drive meaning you get to experience a whole new type of patio season. Definitely the place the come if you are looking to experience fish & chips on the new patios during one-way Marine Drive.

Location: 15513 Marine Dr, White Rock

Check out these places next time you adventure to White Rock- and let us know your favourite fish and chips place on Facebook or Instagram!