Sunrise and Sunset in White Rock

If you’ve been to our beautiful town, chances you are you’ve snapped a few photos of the sky.


While some people prefer one or the other, we equally love sunrise and sunset photos.  Whether you Team Sunrise or Team Sunset, you are guaranteed to catch some epic ones in White Rock. 


Catching the sun is earth’s most effortless and breathtaking reminder to appreciate every day we get to spend in this beautiful community.  The sunset celebrates the past 24 hours while the sky fades to night, and while it rises, it ushers us into colourful tranquility as light wakes up the town. 


Sunrise in White Rock includes runners jogging up the hill and down Marine Drive, the silent mindful breathing of meditation near the beach, the sound of waves breaking the sand, and the songs of seagulls echoing afar.


Sunset in the city is a majestic watercolour painting that is simple and humbling; it turns branches poking into the sky into glowing monuments that are velvet and lovingly rich.  


With the local community’s help, we have crowdsourced and identified the following locations in White Rock for you to enjoy sunrise and sunset: 


  • The White Rock Pier
  • The Hump on Marine Drive
  • Fir Street and Pacific Ave
  • Of course, the White Rock Beach


If you are out to catch the sunrise above the sea, visit one of White Rock’s cafés for early morning coffee or breakfast (check out Holly’s Poultry in Motion or Watts East Beach Café).


If you want to view the sunset, there are also plenty of beachfront restaurants available (including Uli’s RestaurantCharlie Don’t SurfJan’s on the BeachAloha Beach PicnicCilantro Indian CuisinePrimo’s Mexican GrillThe BoatHouse Restaurant, or West Beach Bar and Grill). 


What’s your favourite place in White Rock to enjoy the sunrise or sunset?


Show off the vibrant colours and the peaceful calm of a White Rock sunrise or sunset by sharing a snapshot with us via the BIA’s social media.