Fallin’ for White Rock

With Halloween around the corner, a kaleidoscopic of orange foliage crunching under our feet, and the refreshing crisp air wafting off White Rock Beach, you may be looking to explore some upbeat small-town experience that brings people and local businesses together as we bid farewell to another beautiful summer.

Sure, spending October holed up indoors and brainstorming the perfect Halloween costume may sound tempting, but there are plenty of things to eat, see, and do in our seaside town.

☀️Taste the fall colors

Foliage season in White Rock is breathtaking. Take a stroll on the beachfront or any of the White Rock parks, and spend the day walking through a marvelous canopy of orange, yellow, red, and some of the last inklings of green. Nothing beats a perfect opportunity than when the ideal blend of leaves enshrouds you. If you snap a good picture, make sure to tag us on the BIA social media.

🌧️Fear the rain? Café-hop for your favorite fall drink/treat

It’s no secret that the Canadian West Coast has its fair share of the rainy weather, which often comes around in the fall and winter months. Luckily, you can turn any miserable wet day around by visiting the many local cafés in a White Rock and wrapping your hands around a cup of warm drinks. We guarantee that you will stay warm, dry, and entertained. Check out Laura’s Coffee Corner for its delicious Pumpkin Hot Chocolate and a variety of syrup add-one to boost your drink’s festiveness. For your most iconic selection of Eggnog Lattes, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and Peppermint Mochas, visit Bean Around the World. For a list of other festival fall drinks, check out this compilation by Explore White Rock.

🌧️☀️Fall for foodie season

Summer was perfect for outdoor barbecues or a fresh veggie roast, and as we welcome in the fall season, it’s time to embrace the rustic flavors, spices, and classic comfort food that warms your heart. Whether it’d be a bowl of pasta, a seasonal brunch with midday mimosas (you can never go wrong with brunch), or the cheesiest pizza with all the gooeyness, our iconic local restaurants will serve up the coziest eats to chase away the autumn chills.

As you reminisce your splendid summer spent on the beautiful White Rock waterfront, fall is yet another season that makes White Rock shine. What are you planning to do in White Rock this fall? Let us know!