May 20
Take Your Tastebuds on a Global Adventure

Food is a delightful way into the hearts, homes, and histories of places you visit and people you meet. Given that about 40 percent of people living in metropolitan Vancouver speak English as a second language, there are many places to dine to enjoy cuisines from other cultures. We’re so fortunate to live in a diverse community of 20,000, with all the benefits that come with that diversity - including great cuisine choices.

Apr 29
Report on How to Attract White Rock Residents to Marine Drive Businesses

On April 28, 2021, in response to a request from The City of White Rock, we released a Report on How to Attract White Rock Residents to Marine Drive Businesses. We were very concerned by some of the statements made at a recent Council meeting, as it appeared that at least some members of Council believe that White Rock’s waterfront should be shut down for the safety of White Rock residents and that we simply need to attract White Rock residents for Marine Drive businesses to have sufficient support. There also…

Apr 26
White Rock Cafés

In desperate need of a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, or simply for a taste experience to give yourself a treat or brighten up your day? Look no further than our favourite cafés in White Rock!

Apr 09
Outdoor Dining in White Rock

Hat tip to GB Robins, who had the great idea of creating a list of White Rock restaurants and cafés with outdoor seating options available! We decided to take their […]

Mar 22
White Rock Parks

Our city by the sea is also home to over 80 acres of parkland, with a wide selection of outdoor activities available for residents and visitors alike. Enjoy a walk in the trails, a morning run, or a socially-distanced picnic with your Safe 10- you'll find there are plenty of leisure opportunities in White Rock parks and trails. Open from dusk until dawn, here are a few must-visit White Rock parks for you to explore.

Mar 15
Spring has Sprung in White Rock!

Time to shake off the winter blues and spruce up your energy for a new season in White Rock by checking out some of the hidden local gems! With a plethora of nature-oriented, family-friendly, and youthful activities for you to do, you certainly do not need to rely on screens to provide entertainment.

Mar 09
Legal and Financial Services in White Rock

Much more than just a tourist town, White Rock is also a popular destination for an expansive offering of professional services. Within our four business districts - Five Corners, Uptown, West Beach, and East Beach - you can find a wealth of resources for your professional needs. We are pleased to feature the following legal and accounting services in our beautiful city by the sea.

Feb 24
Experience White Rock’s Outdoor Art!

White Rock is home to a bustling arts scene! At any time of the year, visual and performance art is always thriving in White Rock. The outdoor art of White Rock is curated to spark joy, inspire hope, and celebrate our strength and resilience as a community through various significant events of our lives. Public artworks are everywhere: sculptures along Marine Drive and elsewhere; on hydro boxes; or on the walls of buildings around town. Take a virtual tour of our White Rock murals below. Better yet, spend a day exploring…

Feb 11
Love is in the (sea) air: Great White Rock Date Ideas

1. Fine Dining  For foodie couples, White Rock offers an opportunity to explore acclaimed restaurants and their eclectic menu items. Nothing beats enjoying your favourite food and drinks in your […]

Jan 14
Massage Therapists and Chiropractors in White Rock

Restore your body and mind by taking advantage of some of the phenomenal registered massage therapists (RMTs) and chiropractors in White Rock. From treatment to heal sports injuries, strains, and […]