Twin River

Saturday, July 16


(@ Five Corners)

When Twin River set about writing its sophomore album, Passing Shade, the members were separated by nearly 4,000 km, as singer-guitarist Courtney Ewan was living in Montreal while collaborator Andy Bishop remained home in Vancouver. And yet, despite the duo’s geographical divide, they have emerged with a unified, assertive pop-rock sound.

As Ewan and Bishop fleshed out the material, the songs morphed into fiery rock scorchers that channel peppy pop catchiness with an undercurrent of atmospheric, synth-infused darkness. Bishop’s psych influences can be felt in the scorching electric guitar leads, while the soaring pop melodies and introspective lyrics preserve the core of Ewan’s confessional song-writing. Together, these influences combine to form a sound that is wholly Twin River.

Despite the emotional tumult contained in Passing Shade’s lyrics, the album’s lasting impression is not one of melancholy, but of confidence. It’s proof of a band that has carved out its signature sound and embracing it with uncompromising assertiveness.


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