Dustin Bentall & The Smokes

Saturday, August 6

Dustin Bentall hails from Vancouver, BC and it seems an unlikely place to nurture such a rustic troubadour.
The narcotic cowboy thing you hear in Dustin’s music comes from his love for Gram Parsons, The Flying Burrito Brothers and the Byrds with their so-called ‘Cosmic American Music.’ That is, not to mention the time he has spent in the saddle ropin’ and branding steers on the ranch.
A two-month pleasure cruise across Canada throughout the summer of 2004 inspired all kinds of writing. However it ended with a bang. Inside his ‘69 Chevy Impala Dustin and his best friend took on an F250 and its camper trailer head on in British Columbia’s Fraser Canyon. He sat there next to his buddy who wasn’t speaking and got a taste of the fine line between life and death. They both recovered and Dustin went on to record the debut record “Streets With No Lights” in 2005.
The release of that record took Dustin back out on the Trans-Canada Highway a number of times, as well down to Nashville and over-seas to tour Denmark and Ireland. The record caught the ears of veteran music publisher Leeds Levy in 2007 to with which he inked his first publishing deal.
Dustin opened some shows for Kathleen Edwards on the west coast. Concert goers in Vancouver are accustomed to seeing him up on stage for a Blue Rodeo encore.


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