David Jacobs-Strain

Saturday, August 13


David Jacobs-Strain is a slide guitar virtuoso and a storyteller with a passionate live show that is both humorous and deeply lyrical. A bridge between today’s indie folk troubadours and the delta guitar slingers of the 1930′s, David plays with precision and sings with emotional abandon. He’s a six-foot-two blues singer from Oregon, a Stanford drop-out in a trucker hat, and a Left Coast poet; one part Leo Kotke, one part Ken Kesey, and one part Robert Johnson.

It’s a sound big enough to land David at the Newport Folk Festival —as a teenager— and later at the Montreal International Jazz Fest, and on tour with artists as diverse as Lucinda Williams, Etta James, Taj Mahal and Boz Scaggs.

David began playing on street corners and at farmers markets as a teenager, and bought his first steel guitar with the quarters he saved up.  Before he dropped out of Stanford to play full time, he had already appeared at festivals across the country, often billed as a blues prodigy, but he had to fight to avoid being a novelty act:  “I wanted to tell new stories, it just wasn’t enough to relive the feelings in other people’s music.”

David will be performing with East Coast harmonica master Bob Beach.


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