Saturday, AugustĀ 1


(@ 5 Corners)

Moulettes are one of UK’s most unique touring bands and are steadily being singled out from the wave of apparent Bjork & Kate Bush influenced Indie/alt folk bands that have arisen this decade.

Renowned for their breathtaking live shows it is clear that few bands have the creative range and work ethic of Moulettes. The band contains a mix of self-taught and classically trained multi-instrumentalists and singers who will often play more than one instrument per song and even at the same time.

With a brave approach to production and arrangement, Moulettes look for peculiar ways of blending acoustic and electric instruments. For example, by putting bassoons and stringed instruments through pedals and valve amps, they weave several genres with cello, violins, guitars, drums, bassoon, double bass, brass and synths into an incomparable pop/rock/folk universe.

Original members Hannah Miller, Ruth Skipper, Ted Dwane (Mumford and Sons), Rob Skipper (Previously of The Holloways) and Ollie Austin started playing together at school and have evolved the band into something truly original. If you are looking for good song-writing, incredible musicianship and a truly unique projection of recorded music squeezed into accessible pop tunes, Moulettes is the band for you.


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